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Adoption creates two groups of relatives: the adoptees' genetic relatives (biological parents & siblings) and environmental relatives (adoptive parents & siblings).
Now here is the question,
Are adopted children more like their biological parents or their adoptive parents?
& Do adopted siblings show similar traits?

Through studies of hundreds of adoptive families researchers discovered that people who grow up together, whether biologically related or not, do NOT mcuh resemble one another in personality.
Nevertheless, adoptees' traits bear more similarities to their biological parents than to their adoptive parents.

Another incredible finding is that environmental factors shared by a family's children have virtually NO impact on their personalities. So two adopted children brought up in the same home are NO MORE LIKELY to share personality traits with on eanother than with the child down the block.

*More concisely, only heredity has a role in shaping personalities. Environment has little if any influence on one's personality. Therefore, adopted children are more like their biological parents and adopted siblings most likely do not show similar traits.

Now then you might ask, "What?? Then how come I'm so different from my sisters and brothers. We're uhh biological siblings."
Well, there are many possible explanations for that. It could be because siblings have differing experiences, differing peer influences, differing life events, or maybe even different combinations of genes.

*HOWEVER, these findings does not mean that adoption is not important, adoptive parenting is a fruitless venture. Family environment might not influence personality that much, but parents DEFINITELY influence their children's attitudes, values, manners, faith, and politics.

Also, adopted children are better off being adopted and brought up by adoptive parents rather than by their natural parents who would have neglected them or even abuse them. They generally become happier and more stable people than they would have been in a stressor neglectful environment.

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