Children’s Eyewitness Recall

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When children recollect their memory of sexual abuse or other kinds of abusing, who are the ones who are actually being victimized, the adults or the children? How much can we rely on children's eyewitnesses in criminal cases? According to Bruck and Ceci, they said that children's eyewitnesses are somewhat credible, however they can be just a hint. For example, preschoolers falsely reported that "their doctor had put a stick in their genitals, and someone had touched their private parts."(Myers 376). Also, it can be the adults that give false stories to the children to result in what they expect to hear; therefore children might falsely tell what they have never experienced before. On the other hand, when mentioned with clear words, children can accurately recall what happened in crime scenes. It has been proven by Good man and others that children can recall better when they do not make any contact with the adults involved in the crime before answering questions in an interview.Various studies have been made to test the reliability on children's eyewitness recollections, such as asking children from age 3 to 7 what their doctors did to them. This lead to the idea that their reasonable accuracy and occasional lapses.

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