Conflict/ Social Traps

Topic: Conflict/ Social Traps

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Key Terms:

  • Conflict: a perceived incompatibility of actions, goals, or ideas.
  • Social trap: a situation in which the conflicting parties, by each rationally pursuing their self- interest, become caught in mutually destructive behavior.

Summary: Despite our sophisticated, "well-developed" society, it is inevitable to avoid conflicts within us. Us humans, get in the way of conflicts due to our wants and desire and the characteristics that a conflict bring about are all the same from national at war to cultural disputes within a society.

Social Traps:
In our society, we constantly get into a conflict because our personal interest my not be in harmony with our partners in life/work/school. Consider the simple game matrix down. If You and your friends both choose A, you guys both earn $5. If you choose B than you will get $10 while your friend will lose $5 from choosing A. Conversely, if your friend choose B, he will get $10 while you will lose $5. Both you and your friend's desire and selfishness to earn more money will in the end create constant conflict/ traps. Social traps challenge us to find ways of reconciling our right to pursue our personal well-being with our responsibility for the well-being of all. Psychologists therefore explore ways to convince people to cooperate for their mutual betterment - through agreed-upon regulations, communication and through promoting awareness of our responsibilities toward community, nation, and the whole of humanity.

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