Daily Blog

November 13th 2008
Pizza party

November 15th 2009
Team charter and team proposal in process
Choosing our topic.

December 3rd 2008
We had our first meeting in the cafeteria

December 4th 2008
We had our second meeting in the cafeteria

December 5th 2008
Filling out evaluation forms that is due Monday.
No podcast needed.

December 24th 2009
Fixing project proposal and gathering more information about our topic.

January 4th 2009
Narrowing our topic idea into a specific experimental thesis.

February 2nd 2009
We have done a meeting at lunch. Talking about what we have to do.

February 3rd 2009
Filling out evaluation forms.

Reminders: make sure we hand in our evaluation at 8:00 Monday!

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