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Depersonalization Disorder
classification: dissociative disorder

Definition:"a state in which the individual ceases to perceive the reality of the self or the environment. The patient feels that his or her body is unreal, is changing, or is dissolving; or that he or she is outside of the body." 1

Description and Causes:
A normal person can get it under certain circumstances such as using anesthetics,having sleep deprivation, and being emotionally stressful. People will usually get this when they have memories of bad events. Among ages, adults are more likely to get this disorder.
In simple language, this disorder is when a person is detached from themselves and their own body. It is as if people are "looking at themselves from the outside." People with this disorder can see their own actions and mental processes which brings them instability and fear of not being able to control themselves. This makes people become anxious, depressed, and sometimes even crazy. Depersonalization occurs when people have been in accidents, assaults, or life-threatening dangers. 2


-feeling detached from their own body
-significant distress
-impairment in society and occupation 2
-distorted perception of the body such as feeling like a robot in a dream
-people can go crazy and panicking
-problems with daily functioning
-disabilities 3

Related Disorders:
-Anxiety disorder
-Obsessive disorder 2

Therapy and Treatment:
-address all stresses that are related to the onset of the disorder
6 types of therapy methods:
1. Psychotherapy: type of counseling, main treatment
2. Cognitive: change the way the person thinks, feels, and behaves
3. Medication: antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication
4. Family: teach and inform the family about the disorder
5. Creative (art or music therapy): this allows patients to broaden their horizon and change their lifestyle in a comfortable way
6. Clinical hypnosis: intense relaxation and concentration 3

Depersonalization Disorder 2010 - The Neuron6
Case Study:
Hey this is my story:
The whole thing started about 5 months ago, in one night when i started to think about life and things like: why are we leaving, who are we, what is this reality... suddenly i had a feeling of living a dream, i felt unreal... after that i had a panic attack... i was so scared in that night... i taught that i would gonna' die, or go insane...
All my life i was scared about diseases and death...
I don't smoke, drink or take drugs...
I'm having strange dreams and when i wake up I'm still having the sensation of that dream... also I'm having a constant fear of going insane...
I'm also having memory loss and the whole world appears strange and unknown. Also no emotions
When I'm having a panic attack, i need to talk with someone, to distract my attention and to forget the panic attack.
I called the ambulance in one night, when i had a very intense panic attack. When the ambulance arrived, i told the doctors that i felt unreal... they said that i should go to the hospital for some analysis... and for surveillance... I taught that i was gonna die...
When i went to the hospital, results where good. I didn't have any organic disease, only a small lack of calcium and magnesium. They told me to go to a psychologist... my diagnosis was "panic attack"...
I went to a psychologist, and it had some effect, but only temporary... now it's back again... i didn't went any more to the psychologist, because it was too expensive and i started to feel alright...
Here are my symptoms:
- blurry vision
- unreality
- no emotions
- a very intense fear
- strange dreams
- fear of loosing control
When I'm having a panic attacks, these are my symptoms:
- intense fear
- sensation of suffocating
- unreality
- heart race beating increases
- the tenation of calling the ambulance
So i don't know exactly is this... I'm afraid of having a dangerous disease or even worse... every day I'm having the unreality feeling... after a deep and long research, i found something about "depersonalization" so i asking you a question:
I'm having DP? From these symptoms and my little description...
Thanks... all the best,
Cheers from Romania.

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