Famous Studies Assignment

This assignment is due Monday, March 30 by 8:00 AM. You may complete it early.

  • Pick a partner (they can be from either class). There will need to be one group of three or someone who works alone.
  • Pick a research study. They can be found here. Claim it by making a new page for that research study. First come, first served.
  • Request copies of the research from Mr. Izzy.
  • Become experts on the research study.
  • Create the ultimate summary of the research on the page you made. This is similar to the research evaluations we have done, but with pictures, links to additional information (both on The Neuron, and from external site), etc.
  • Make a short video (no more than 5 min) about the experiment. Post the video on your page and get a copy to Mr. Izzy (don't email it).

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