Final Exam (08-09)

The final exam will be a full AP Mock Exam. This test is provided by the College Board is only available to teachers. :-)

For the Free Response Section (Wednesday, April 29 for both classes), you will have 50 minutes to write two essays. The essays will be scored using an AP rubric. You will start with zero points and earn one point for each required part that you correctly provide. The Free Response Section will be worth 33.33% of the total score for the Final.

For the Multiple Choice Section (Thursday, April 30 for D Block & Friday, May 1 for G Block), you will have 70 minutes to answer 100 questions. The MC section will be scored in the same manner as the AP exam. You will earn 1 point for each correct answer, and you will be deducted .25 of a point for each incorrect answer. Questions which are not answered do not help you or hurt you. The Multiple Choice Section will be worth 66.66% of the total score for the Final.

There will be some sort of "curve" applied to the final results. You should attempt to score as high as possible.

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