How To Add A Vocabulary Term To Psych M.D.

Please read all instructions before you begin to minimize questions, confusion, and mistakes. Thanks!

  • Select and "claim" a vocabulary term. You may choose any word that has not already been claimed. To claim a word, add it to the appropriate page of the Psych M.D. (in alphabetical order). You can only claim one term at a time (do not claim a term until the due date for your first term has already passed).
  • Create a page for the vocabulary term using the Psych M.D. Vocab page template. Name your page like this: "Psych M.D. – vocabulary term".
  • Link the vocabulary term to it's page.
  • Fill in the information on the page (be sure to give the sources of pictures, definitions, etc. using WAPA style citations).
  • Tag your Psych M.D. page with the appropriate the unit, topic, and chapter.
  • Due Dates for 2009-2010 can be found on the calendar.