How To Do A Topic Summary

Please read all instructions before you begin to minimize questions, confusion, and mistakes. Thanks!

This assignment has four parts which are detailed below. Please feel free to ask for help if and when you need it.

PART 1: What Is Your Topic?

  • Check out the appropriate Topic Assignments PDF to discover which topic is yours. It can be found at the bottom of the unit page.

PART 2: Make Your Topic Page

  • Create a new page for your topic using the Topic Summary template. To do this, first go to the Unit Page that corresponds to your topic. Then click "Add Page" (make sure you've already signed in). When the little new page window pops up, choose the "Topic Summary" template. Do not put your name or block in the name of the page – just use your topic as the page name.
  • Link the Unit Page to your newly created topic page.
  • Fill in the various areas on your newly created topic page (topic, your first name, key terms, etc.) except for the podcast (you will do this after you have completed everything else for this assignment).
  • You need a minimum of 3 links to other pages on The Neuron. The links need to actually work when someone clicks on them.
  • You need a minimum of 3 links to external websites. The links need to actually work when someone clicks on them, don't just give the URL.
  • Videos and pictures are great, too (hint, hint).
  • Be sure to give the sources of your pictures, information, etc.

PART 3: Make Your Podcast

  • Once you have completed all other parts of your topic summary, you need to make a podcast that summarizes your topic
  • There are very specific requirements for the podcast, so please review them carefully. Failure to do so will negatively affect your grade.
  • Make a podcast using Garage Band. If you have never done this before, find someone in class who know how to do it and kindly ask for technical support. Listen to (and look at) my example below (and notice it’s title and information).

  • The title of your podcast should be: “The Neuron Presents - INSERT YOUR TOPIC HERE
  • You cannot use any copyrighted material in your podcast unless you have the expressed written consent of the artist. The sounds and songs that come with Garage Band can be used (and you should use them).
  • Your podcast must have a musical introduction that is about 10 seconds long (no more than 15 seconds).
  • Your podcast must have a musical closing that is about 10 seconds long (no more than 15 seconds).
  • The main body of your podcast must be about 60-75 seconds long (no more than 90).
  • No pictures or videos can be used in your podcast – audio only.
  • I recommend doing the podcast in the following order: (1) Figure out what you're going to say (a script might be useful). (2) Record the main body of your Podcast. (3) Add in your intro and closing.
  • When you have finished your podcast send it to iTunes. This can be done under the “Share” menu in Garage Band. Select "Send Song to iTunes." In the next window, be sure to change your personal information so that only your first name is used. Use the following information: iTunes Playlist: The Neuron Presents, Artist Name: your FIRST name only, Composer Name: your FIRST name only, Album Name: The Neuron Presents.
  • Email your completed podcast to me ( The topic of your email should be "THE NEURON PRESENTS". Be sure to send me the iTunes version, not the Garage Band version.
  • Save the Garage Band file for this project – we may need to make some changes later.
  • Embed your podcast in your topic page. Please work together on this step – it is new to almost everyone.
    • This can be done by using the imeem widget.
    • Upload the iTunes version of your podcast to imeem (be sure your full name is not in the song’s information).
    • Embed the podcast on your topic page.

PART 4: See and Hear What Other People Did

  • Check out the other pages, listen to their podcasts, and feel free to post questions for them at the bottom of their page in the "Threads" section.

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