How Much Credit (or Blame) Do Parents Deserve?

Parent and KidParent and Kid2

Important facts

1. Parents typically feel enormous pride in their children's successes, and guilt or shame over their failures.
2. Parent wonder where they went wrong with the child repeatedly called into the principal's office.
3. "They major source of human misery" is the "neglected, wounded child" within each of us, claimed author-lecturer John Bradshaw.
4. Parent produce future adults with an inner wounded child by being overbearing.
5. If parental handling shapes children's personalities, then children who share the same parents should be somewhat simillar.
6. (Denise Daniels) : Two Children in the same family are on average as different from one another as are pairs of children selected randomly from the population
7. "Environments matter, "extreme environmentalism is cruel" because it suggests to the parents that their child has been warped by something they did.
8. In parental influence on personality is more limited than popular psychology supposes.
9. Psychologists searching for environmental influences they know exist are like astronomers seeking the hidden "dark" matter which they know the universe contains.
10. Important to raise child: Prenatal environment, early experience, peer influence, and culture.

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