In Depth - Perception

This is an exercise in speedy research, fast keynote skills, and clear concise communication.

Once you and your partner have received your randomly selected topic, you will have 25 minutes to research the topic, create a short keynote presentation, and prepare to explain your topic to the class in two minutes or less.

You will be graded on the accuracy of the information you provide in your keynote and presentation, your ability to finish on time, and the aesthetics of your keynote.

Required components:

  • A clear, correct definition / explanation of the topic.
  • A visual representation (picture or video) of the topic. Try to put videos directly in the keynote if possible. If not, please have a working link in the keynote. Do not use an image from the textbook.
  • WAPA style citations of all information and images. You can list the source at the end of the keynote on a separate slide.
  • Each group member must say at least one meaningful thing during the presentation.
  • Your finished keynote should be named, “YOUR TOPIC - YOUR FIRST NAMES”.
  • Your finished keynote must be on Mr. Izzy’s USB by the end of the 25 minutes.

This website may be helpful (or entertaining if you finish early): 84Optical Illusions & VisualPhenomena.

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