Learning, Memory, Thinking and Language 2009-2010

Learning, Memory, Thinking and Language 2009-2010

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Free Response Questions 1–3 have been permanently removed. They will not be on any upcoming tests.

13. Using what you know about observational learning and psychology in general, explain what observational learning is and how television can influence sexual behavior, drug use, and violent behavior.
14. You’ve started your own psychology consulting business. Explain to each of the following customers how operant conditioning can be used to help them. Be sure to include at least one detailed original suggestion (not from the book) for each customer.
Customer 1: High school principal and coach.
Customer 2: Owner of a small coffee shop with several employees.
Customer 3: Mother of two children and homemaker.

15. As a world renowned psychologist, you’ve been asked to give a presentation about memory construction and false memories to a group of law students. What information will you present to them?

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