Oppositional Defiant Disorder 2010

Case Study
Related Disorders
Additional Information

The Details: For your assigned psychological disorder, you will need to research and present the following information on your page:

  • The classification of the disorder (mood, anxiety, personality, etc.).
  • A detailed definition and description of the disorder (who is most likely to get it, what is it, when do people get it).
  • A complete list of symptoms (what does it look like, how can we tell someone has it).
  • Any known causes (why do people get it).
  • A description of the therapies and treatments used to help people with the disorder.
  • A case study which illustrates the disorder. A case study is the story of an actual person who has the disorder that describes his/her symptoms and behaviors.
  • A list of related disorders.
  • A minimum of 10 links to additional useful/quality information about the disorder.
  • Pictures and videos related to the disorder.

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