PA 2009-2010 Overview

The Psych Associates Unit is very different from previous units...

It covers chapters 8, 9, and 10 from Myers. For this unit, there are few mandatory assignments. Instead, students are free to do the activities they find helpful and useful for preparing for Work Days, completing the project, and preparing for the Vocabulary and Unit Tests. Students who elect to complete an optional activity are encouraged to discuss it with Mr. Izzy upon completion of the activity. Optional activities can be found here.

At the start of each week, teams are required to create a weekly plan using the Psych Associates Weekly Plan template. At the end of the week teams are required to assess their progress on their weekly plan.

A BlockActivityD Block
Oct 27
  • Read everything about this project.
  • Fill out Team Home Page information.
  • Begin working on project and learning unit material.
Oct 27
Oct 28
  • Continue working on project and learning unit material.
  • Be prepared for Work Day!
Oct 29
Nov 2Work Day (first weekly plan)Nov 3
Nov 4Work DayNov 5
Nov 6Test #4Nov 6
Nov 9Work DayNov 10
Nov 11Tech Talk: iMovie, G Band, KeynoteNov 12
Nov 13Work DayNov 16
Nov 17Vocabulary TestNov 17
Nov 23Work DayNov 24
Nov 25Rough Drafts, Peer CritiqueNov 26
Nov 27Work DayNov 30
Dec 1Work DayDec 1
Dec 2PresentationsDec 3
Dec 4Review for Unit TestDec 7
Dec 8Unit TestDec 9

Work Day: Each Work Day begins with The Circle, a class discussion and question and answer session. The Circle is student driven – it is up to students to raise topics for discussion, ask questions, and respond and interact with each other. Students are expected to be prepared to actively contribute to The Circle each and every Work Day, and they will be graded on the quality of their contributions. The goal is to have everyone participate equally, so too much or too little from any one person is a sign that The Circle needs help. Mr. Izzy will keep track of students' contributions and these will be reflected in the students' Work Day grade. Once The Circle has ended for the day, students are free to work on the project. This may include reading the textbook, investigating various concepts for the unit, completing optional activities, creating storyboards, recording video and audio, etc. It is expected that students use this time for AP Psychology related activities only, and should come to class fully prepared to contribute to their team’s project. This includes (but is not limited to) bringing their MacBook and textbook. Students will be assessed on their use of class time and how well they work with their group, which will be included in students' Work Day grades. A Work Day rubric can be found at the bottom of this page.

Tech Talk: Mr. Izzy reviews the tips and tricks of iMovie, Garage Band, and Keynote. Students are also encouraged to ask tech questions on Work Days.

Vocabulary Test: This is a straightforward vocabulary test consisting of 50 multiple choice questions. It is comprehensive, meaning all terms which have been studied thus far (including new terms from this unit) may appear on the test.

Rough Drafts / Peer Critique: Rough drafts will are peer critiqued. The process is designed to give “warm” and “cool” feedback. The entire critique is recorded so students may review it at a later time. It is hoped that this feedback will be used to make a higher quality finished product. All students will need to download and install Berio.

Presentations: Teams submit a final version of their infomercial to Mr. Izzy by 8:00 AM. In class, teams have a maximum of 7 minutes to introduce and share their finished infomercial. Failure to adhere to the deadline and time limit will severely decrease the score of the infomercial. All other students are the Executive Board of Psych Associates™. The Executive Board will evaluate the infomercials using a rubric. An Infomercial rubric can be found at the bottom of this page.

Review for Unit Test: This is the usual test review day.

Unit Test: This test is the same format as previous Unit Tests. It consists of 50 multiple choice questions and 1 free response question. It is comprehensive.

Note: The Vocabulary Test, Infomercial, and Unit Test count as tests. All other components of this project count as homework/classwork (unless it is a pop quiz).