PA 2009-2010 Team 12 - Team Charter

Team Name: EPIK WIN :D

Working with a team is a privilege, not a right. Failure to contribute to your team may result in expulsion from the team. If expelled from your team, you will need to complete the project alone.

Team Members:

  • Lauren
  • Yu Sun
  • Michelle

Team Member Skill Inventory:

Areas individual members can contribute/want to develop.

- artistic skills- for video appearance, props
- initiative and scariness of Michelle
- organization skill of Yu Sun
- video editing abilities

Team Goals:

May include project assignment goals, group process goals, quality level goals, etc.

- try to include as much quality psychological info in the video
- have lines of communications open at all times (both literally and figuratively)
- meet group deadlines promptly
- synergize to make creative ideas
- DON'T PROCRASTINATE- be organized and set prompt due dates

What are potential barriers to the achievement of these goals?

- being sick (cough cough haha jkjk)
- being MIA; i.e., having cell phone off, not being on MSN, not being on skype, being dead
- missing deadlines (beware of consequences- mainly from Michelle)
- not being prepared for each Work Day; not bringing mac or textbook or other materials
- not having the right attitude

Ground Rules:

- Meeting schedule- to use after-school and weekends to maximum effect. To vary according to productivity of Work Days, but will probably meet once a week when due date gets close (or at least on Skype).
- Locations- 1) school 2) middle-point cafes 3) someone's house or neighborhood- mainly for filming
- Attendance expectations- once we set a meeting time, everyone should be there UNLESS you have an emergency (h1n1, someone's death?). not coming will have consequences!
- Agenda- keep up with deadlines!
- Assignment completion- each one should be done at each member's best capability and effort. high-quality work people!
- Communication methods- exchange MSN, skype, cell phone #s, home phone #s, even home addresses if really needed as a last resort. Have cell phone on at all times.

Conflict Management:

What are potential conflicts that may arise among or between team members during this project? How will team members deal with these and other conflicts?

- when people go MIA; not online, cell phone off, not answering home phone. => Assign different tasks earlier so that each member knows what to do without unneccesary communication. But if you're not there when we need to talk, you'll have to deal with all the work. Haha!
- when people keep saying no to meetings. project should be first and foremost priority for group members.
- when people miss deadlines- will get more work than their assigned duties.

Digital Signatures:

Each student must log in and add their first name and graduation year to the space below. This "digital signature" means that you agree with the information in your Team Charter and that you will do your best to contribute to the success of your Team.

  • Yu Sun 2011
  • Lauren 2011

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