PA 2009-2010 Team 12 Week 3 Plan


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Week 3 Plan

Start of the week:

  • What are your questions/concerns/problems/goals at this point in the project? Get script finalized. Figure out how to apply thinking chapter to the project. Michelle is MIA. . .
  • How are you going to address your questions/concerns/problems/goals? Have everyone contribute their own chapter content and combine the info into one script. Contact Michelle in any way we can.
  • What is each team member going to do this week? Be specific. All members will finalize their chapter content (how to apply it to scenes, dialogue) and give it to Yu Sun.
  • Are you planning to "meet" outside of class this week? This could be in person or online. Hoping to meet once/online to combine the script.
End of the week:

  • What did each team member actually do this week? Has new information been shared with the rest of the team? Is there evidence? Be specific. Members continued working on applying their chapters to the script, and started thinking about the storyboard.
  • What questions/concerns/problems/goals from the start of the week remain unresolved? Contacting Michelle, getting everyone's parts together.
  • What new questions/concerns/problems/goals do you have now? People's parts still not turned in, Michelle still MIA!

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