PA 2009-2010 Team 12 Week 5 Plan

Team # 12

Members: Lauren, Yu Sun

Week 5 Plan

Start of the week:

  • What are your questions/concerns/problems/goals at this point in the project? Getting the video filmed and edited.
  • How are you going to address your questions/concerns/problems/goals? Sacrifice lunch or after-school time to get the filming done, sacrifice homework time to get editing done.
  • What is each team member going to do this week? Be specific. Lauren and Yu Sun will both act and film, while Yu Sun edits.
  • Are you planning to "meet" outside of class this week? This could be in person or online. Outside of class if we don't finish filming.
End of the week:

  • What did each team member actually do this week? Has new information been shared with the rest of the team? Is there evidence? Be specific. Lauren helped with filming (acting and filming) while Yu Sun filmed and edited.
  • What questions/concerns/problems/goals from the start of the week remain unresolved? How to get certain scenes filmed, e.g. the thinking section.
  • What new questions/concerns/problems/goals do you have now? How to connect all the parts fluidly during editing.

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