PA 2009-2010 Team 12 Week 4 Plan

Team # 12


Week 4 Plan

Start of the week:

  • What are your questions/concerns/problems/goals at this point in the project? Get storyboard finalized, and start filming.
  • How are you going to address your questions/concerns/problems/goals? Making sure all the content is accurate and to figure out how to shoot each scene (angle, shot).
  • What is each team member going to do this week? Be specific. Both Yu Sun and Lauren will finalize the script and storyboard and gather up filming supplies.
  • Are you planning to "meet" outside of class this week? This could be in person or online. Planning to meet
End of the week:

  • What did each team member actually do this week? Has new information been shared with the rest of the team? Is there evidence? Be specific.
  • What questions/concerns/problems/goals from the start of the week remain unresolved?
  • What new questions/concerns/problems/goals do you have now?

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