PSCRP Part 3

Literature Review

Due February 3rd at 8:00 AM (CHANGED TO FEB 5th!!!)

  • Find 5–7 research articles related to your research topic and complete a summary of each article on a new wiki page using the Research Summary template. Be sure that the research summary pages are linked to your team's home page.
  • After completing the research summaries, create a new page using the Post Lit Review Questions template and answer the questions. Link this to your team's home page as well.
  • Evaluate every group member (including yourself) using the Group Evaluation Form.
Task check list:
  • Posted to wiki: 5–7 research summaries (group task)
  • Posted to wiki: Post Lit Review question (group task)
  • Posted to wiki: Blog/podcast for the weeks of Dec. 8th – Feb. 8th (group task)
  • Turn in: Completed Evaluation Form for every group member (turn in to Ms. Grogan) (can be found at the bottom of the PSCRP Main Page) (individual task)

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