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Main point: Pavlov's work remain a huge importance in our world!

Some of you may wonder why his work is so important when his thesis is only based on an experiment with a dog. But you have to put in mind that subsequent studies have found out that the principle made with the dog is applicable to all types of species including us, human beings. Through Pavlov's legacy we were able to find out that a process such as learning can be studied objectively.

-For instance Doctor's use Classical conditioning to cure patients.
Patients easily get cured by sugar water because they believed
their doctor gave them the right/ perfect medication. An article called, "classical conditioning could link disorders and brain dysfunctin researchers suggest." elucidates clearer on how classical conditioning can treat patients.
-Check another article about how classical conditioning can help people with anorexia

-Counselor's on the other hand also uses this process to provide
people who abuse alcohol wit experiences that may reverse their
positive associations
with alcohol or even help students overcome phobias.
This article here talks about the issue of overcoming phobias through classical conditioning. Take a look!

*Pavlov's theory also provided the basis for John B. Watson’s idea that human emotions and behavior are mainly bundle of conditioned responses wh ich his famous study called,”little Albert” helped prove this. FOR step by step information on the "Little Albert" Experimentation, click here.

UCS: Loud noise
UCR: Fear
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NS: Rat
CR: Fear

Generalization: Fear of anything furry like the rat.

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