Peer influence G

Peer influence G - The NeuronPeer influence G - The Neuron

- Peer influences have much more impact on development than parental influences. (i.e: immigrant children who are placed in peer groups of non immigrants quickly lose their parents' culture. Also, teens who start smoking typically have friends who model smoking.)

- selection effect: kids seek out peers with similar attitudes and interests.

- parental nurture is important to early development, but are influenced by peers in the long run.

- even though parental influences are limited, group of parents can influence the culture that shapes the peer group. (culture transmitted across generations by "parents'-group-to-children's-group effects.)

-power of parenting shape our differences. (i.e: abused become the abusive, neglected become neglectful, etc.)

- power of parental influence plays a role in academic and vocational successes.

- "parental nurture is like nutrition."

- however, many kids are still subjected to influences beyond parental control.

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