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Term: Anorexia Nervosa
Definition (Myers): An eating disorder in which a normal-weight person (usually an adolescent female) diets and becomes significantly (15 percent or more) underweight, yet, still feeling fat, continues to starve
Definition (alternative): an eating disorder primarily affecting adolescent girls and young women, characterized by pathological fear of becoming fat, distorted body image, excessive dieting, and emaciation. DEF.
Contextual explanation:
Anorexia Nervosa is one of two eating disorders. This disorder is unbelievably common; usually among females. 9 in 10 females, usually teenagers, have developed this disorder. Anorexia Nervosa is when one is obsessed in losing weight, even though they are not fat. Even after they have dropped under weight than their normal size, they continue to control the amount of food intake.

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Psych M.D. -Anorexia Nervosa - The NeuronPsych M.D. -Anorexia Nervosa - The Neuron

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