Psych Pop

Forget J-Pop, power-pop, synth-pop, and even K-pop... It’s time to set your ears (and your mind) free with the amazing song-stylings of PSYCH-POP!!!

Psych Pop

Psych Pop

The concept is easy…

  • Take one of your favorite songs and turn it into a song about psychology!

Making it happen is not so easy…

  • Finding a song that works can be tough, but once you find one get the lyrics and the karaoke version of the song (just music, no vocals).
  • Once you have the lyrics, re-write the song so it’s about psychology (anything from psychology).
  • Pay attention to the number of syllables in each line of the original song. Try to have the same number of syllables in your new psych version.

What You Need to Turn In…

  • A hard copy of the original song’s lyrics with your new psych lyrics (two side-by-side columns).
  • A recording of your new song. Do not turn in the Garage Band file – export the finished song and turn that in.
  • A music video of the new song starring you. The music video must have the new lyrics in it (karaoke style).
  • Everything is due Friday April 2, 2010 by 8:00 AM.


  • The new song lyrics are worth 40% of the grade. They will be evaluated on their psychological information (is it correct), and quality (does it make sense, does it work well as a song).
  • The recording of your song is worth 30% of the grade. While high quality singing is appreciated, your singing ability will not affect your score in any way.
  • The music video is worth 30% of the grade. It will evaluated on editing, effects, etc. (all the usual video stuff). It must also include the new lyrics “karaoke” style. If it turns out well, you can enter it in the Phoenix Film Festival. :-)
  • This will count as a test. :-)


  • You make work as a solo, duo, or trio (sorry no pop choirs).

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