Psych M.D. - Mood-Congruent Memory

Term: Mood-Congruent Memory
Definition (Myers): The tendency to recall experiences that are consistent with one's current good or bad mood.
Definition (alternative): Mood-congruent memory occurs where current mood helps recall of mood-congruent material, regardless of our mood at the time the material was stored. Thus when we are happy, we are more likely to remember happy events. *
Contextual explanation: Our moods bias our memories. In other words, depending on our current mood, our memories change. Thus, when we are depressed, it worsens memories by priming negative associations. In some studies currently depressed people recall their parents as rejecting and punitive, whereas people in cheerful mood described their parents in good ways.
Moods also influence how we interpret other people's behavior. In a bad mood we read someone's look as a glare and in a good mood we read the same look as interest. Therefore we view the world based on our mood.
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