Psychological Disorders Assignment


Points Possible: 75 points

Summary: Basically, just find all sorts of cool stuff about the disorder and present it in an organized format on The Neuron with proper APA citations to earn a “B+”. Add in one piece of original material, and you’ve got yourself an “A”!

  • The main purpose of this project is to research one psychological disorder and share what you have learned with your classmates. You will do this by creating a page on The Neuron. Make your page here.
  • The main area of grading for the page will be the quality of the psychological information. You will also need to include links to additional sources of information, along with videos and pictures related to your research (if available).

The Details: For your assigned psychological disorder, you will need to research and present the following information on your page:

  • The classification of the disorder (mood, anxiety, personality, etc.).
  • A detailed definition and description of the disorder (who is most likely to get it, what is it, when do people get it).
  • A complete list of symptoms (what does it look like, how can we tell someone has it).
  • Any known causes (why do people get it).
  • A description of the therapies and treatments used to help people with the disorder.
  • A case study which illustrates the disorder. A case study is the story of an actual person who has the disorder that describes his/her symptoms and behaviors.
  • A list of related disorders.
  • A minimum of 10 links to additional useful/quality information about the disorder.
  • Pictures and videos related to the disorder.

Grading Information: The information must be incorporated into your page which is neat, aesthetically pleasing, and school appropriate.

  • Spelling, grammar, and writing do count.
  • No direct word-for-word copies of text (from a book, web site, etc.) allowed unless it is properly identified as a direct quote and is properly cited.
  • You must have at least seven outside sources of information. The textbook is not considered an outside source of information, but it can still be used.
  • The sources used to create the content of your page must be properly cited throughout your page. This includes all factual information, pictures, videos, etc. You must have a works cited section.
  • For complete, super-detailed grading information, please download the rubric (which is located at the bottom of the page).

How To Earn An A: If you successful complete all of the above in a quality manner by the due date, you may earn a maximum of a “B+”. In order to qualify for an ”A”, you must make some sort of original material for your page. This can take almost any form: slideshow (powerpoint, keynote), song, movie, comic, etc. If you’re not sure if it is acceptable, just ask. Completing this original material does not guarantee an “A”, it just makes it a possibility.

*Students in this class, and others, will decide which is the best overall page. The winner will earn extra credit.