Risks – Do We Fear the Right Things?

Risks – Do We Fear the Right Things?

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Key Terms:

  • Fear- Fear may underlie some phenomena of behavior modification, although these phenomena can be explained without adducing fear as a factor in them.
  • Irrational and Dangerous:
    Fear inside a person has different degrees and varies from one person to another (phobia). If not properly handled, fear can lead to social problems. People who experience intense fear have been known to commit irrational and/or dangerous acts.
  • Fuel that feeds the Ego:
    Some philosophers have considered fear to be a useless emotion; other thinkers note the usefulness of fear as a warning of potentially unpleasant consequences.
  • Risks- Risk is a concept that denotes the precise probability of specific eventualities. Technically, the notion of risk is independent from the notion of value and, as such, eventualities may have both beneficial and adverse consequences. However, in general usage the convention is to focus only on potential negative impact to some characteristic of value that may arise from a future event
  • Risk in Psychology: Risk
    Announces that some experts belief that courting uncertainty is the only way to protect the inner force America was founded on or to define self; Mountain climbing's place among America's fastest growing sports; Researcher's discover of the psychology of risk; Studies' indication of the inclination of high risks; Researcher's lack of knowledge on how a risk taking impulse arises from within or what role is played by environmental factors.

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Podcast Summary: I listed four reasons that why we scared air craft than cars.

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