Sexuality (D)
This section focuses on the differences between the two genders: male and female.
Men care likely to initiate sex.
- In a Canadian survey of 2350 customers, 80% of the customers were males.
-In careful survey of 3432 people of 18-59 year olds, 48 percent of women answered they had true feelings for the people that they had sex with. However, ONLY 25% of males responded that they hadtruefeelings for their partners. This shows that men just want sex.
- This was the same with homo-sexual people. Gay men were more likely to have sex than lesbians.
Males in general judge their partners based on physical appearance. However, women prefer males with long-term potential mating. Women expect security and stability from their partners.
Women focus on spending time and money on appearance. <em try to establish their status domination and material wealth.

Keunwha Song

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