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Sexuality (G) - The Neuron


  • Males have stronger sex drive. According to research, males desire sex more frequently, thinks more about sex, masturbates more often, initiates more sex, and makes more sacrifices in order to gain sex.(Sex in itself is a form of advertisement, something that advertises the qualities that maximize its odds of attracting desirable partners.) check out video on "psychology of sex" (scroll down :) )
  • Gender differences in attitude towards sex extend to differences in behaviour.
  • Gender differences characterize both heterosexual and homosexual people. (Gay men are less interested in sex, but more responsiveness to visual sexual stimuli, and more concerned with partner's appearance than lesbians.)
  • Men in 37 cultures, from Australia to Zambia, judge women as more attractive if they have a 'youthful appearance.'
  • 75% of the men in Florida State University agreed to "go to bed together" when asked, and all women denied.
  • Men have lower threshold for perceiving warm responses as sexual come on.
  • Men more often than women attribute a woman's friendliness to sexual interest. (Abbey, 1987; Johnson & others, 1991)
*For more interesting facts on gender differences/ sexuality check out page 104 in our textbook

Sexuality (G) - The Neuron


  • When explaining sexuality in terms of evolution, evolutionary psychologists use natural selection to explain women's more relational and men's more recreational approaches to sex.
  • Women mostly sent their genes into the future by pairing wisely, men by pairing widely. (While woman is pregnant, a man can still reproduce with other women)
  • Men are drawn to healthy woman! Fertile appearing women, smooth skin, youthful shape, waist and hip ratio of 0.7- which are all sings of future fertility (Singh, 1993)
  • Women are attracted to healthy looking men! Mature, dominant, bold, ones with capacity to support and protect and affluent ones. (Singh, 1995) They prefer mates with potential long term mating.
  • Men are high risk takers- more men age of 16-24 die of auto crashes because "young men who do crazy things are saying in one voice with the peacock and the buck that prances when the lion approaches, 'look at me! I have so much strength and skill that I am fearless, I will survive no matter how much I drink or how fast I drive"
  • Sex is a form of advertisement- women by spending time and money on appearance, men by establishing status an dominance.
  • Many evolutionary explanation is being critiqued such as;
  • Ethical and moral issues ( "high status men marrying a series of young, fertile women)
  • overlooked messages- Cultural expectations that men are more sexually active
  • Gender differences may be nurtured from culture's social and family structures

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