Social Psychology - The Big Three


  • Individually, read your assigned research study and complete the research evaluation.
  • Do additional research/reading to be sure you fully understand the research, the terminology related to it, and the implications (the textbook is a good place to start).
  • As a group, create a presentation which explains your assigned research study and why it is important. Be sure to include the name(s) of the psychologist(s).
  • The presentation can be a maximum of 10 minutes (this is a firm time limit – you will be told to stop when time is up).
  • The presentation must include a live skit/play/performance which portrays the study.
  • Each group member must actively participate in the presentation (not just in the preparation).
  • You may include other elements in you presentation, including: keynote, video, audience participation, etc.
  • The presentations will be recorded for future viewing. :-)
  • Audience members (including the teacher) may ask questions at the end of your presentation. The person asking the question may ask a specific person the question and that person must answer the question.
  • A Block will present Friday 2/5
  • D Block will present Wednesday 2/3

Grading Information:

  • one score for entire group
  • psychological information (most important)
  • quality of live skit
  • active participation of all group members in presentation
  • did the overall presentation make sense, was it educational, did it help other people understand the research study
  • ability to answer questions from the audience
  • 100 homework points possible

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