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We have limits of using our memory inside our brain. Storage is the thing we use for our memory. "Our memory is in some ways like a computer's information-processing system. To remember any even requires that we get information into our brain (encoding), retain that information (storage), and later get it back out (retrieval)." [345] Just like the computer's memory disk our brain stores our memory so that later on we can retrieve it. Unless we constantly use the memory the storage decay would occur. For example, if Allen detects a ugly girl, he would have a thought that there was a ugly girl that made his face like that and eventually he would forget about the ugly girl he saw. However, when his radar detects a pretty girl that make his eyes follow her for 10 seconds, later on that day he would still remember the pretty girl he saw on the streets until he falls asleep. Thus, human tend to remember things better when that things are memorable. Since those things are memorable, people's brain are keep on using that memory to think about it; hence, storage decay won't occur on that memory so they retrieve it later on.

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