Testing, Individual Differences, and Stress

This is an independent study unit. All of the work below is due Monday, March 30 by 8:00 AM. You may complete the work early.

  • Do all of the vocabulary for chapters 11 and 14 (on cards as usual).
  • Complete the following two PsychSims (online and on paper): Get Smart (Ch.11) and All Stressed Out (Ch. 14). You can download the worksheets from the Myers website.
  • Complete all Myers quizzes for Ch. 11 & 14 (a total of 4 quizzes). You only get one attempt – your first score will be counted.
  • Pick one topic from Ch. 11 or 14 and complete a Topic Summary for it. Topics are identified by the BLUE HEADINGS. Topics are first come, first served. Please add a link to your topic summary to this page. If all of the topics have been selected by the time you choose one, you must select one of the vocabulary terms as a Psych M.D. entry. If all of the topics have been taken, and all the vocab has been taken, you get to create an outline of Ch.11 or Ch 14.
Chapter 11
Chapter 14