Unit 4 - Motivation and Emotion

Topics of Study:

Instincts and Evolutionary Psychology & Drives and Incentives
Optimum Arousal & A Hierarchy of Motives
The Physiology of Hunger
The Psychology of Hunger
The Physiology of Sex
The Psychology of Sex
Adolescent Sexuality
Sexual Orientation
Aiding Survival, Wanting to Belong, Acting to Increase Social Acceptance, Maintaining Relationships, and Fortifying Health
Personnel Psychology
Organizational Psychology: Motivating Achievement
The James-Lange and Cannon-Bard Theories, Cognition and Emotion, and Two Dimensions of Emotion
Emotions and Physiology & The Physiology of Specific Emotions
Lie Detection
Nonverbal Communication
Culture and Emotional Expression & The Effects of Facial Expressions

  • Read all the instructions before you begin.
  • Ask questions after you have read all the instructions.

GROUP TASKS: (Due by 12:00 PM (noon) on Saturday)

  • Create a new wiki page for your topic. Make your topic in the list above into a link to the new page you just created.
  • Read the information in the textbook that covers your topic and summarize the main ideas. Quality is more important that quantity! Be sure to include the key terms and their meanings. Examples are great, too.
  • Add at least one picture or video that relates to your topic (more is good, too). Be sure to cite your sources.
  • Add at least three links to other websites related to your topic (wikipedia cannot be one of them). Briefly describe the websites to which you are linking.
  • NOTE: The appearance of your page matters. Please make sure your page is well designed and easy to view.
  • NOTE: As always, please be sure to select school appropriate material for this assignment. :-)
  • NOTE: Doing all the above in a high quality manner will earn your group a B+. If you want to qualify for an A, you must add a recent (within the last year) article (from a scientific journal, magazine, newspaper, etc.) related to your topic. This can be done as a link. Please include a brief description of the article on your page.
INDIVIDUAL TASKS: (Due by next class)
  • Once you have completed your group tasks, visit the other groups’ pages to see their work.
  • Ask other groups a total of five questions. Do this by starting a new thread at the bottom of the page. You will be graded on the quality of your questions.
  • Once people have asked questions about your page, respond to the questions your page has received, up to a maximum of five. Be sure to cite the information you’re using to answer the questions, or state that your answer is an educated opinion.
BONUS TASKS (must be completed before the start of our next class)
  • Once all groups have finished their pages, you may earn up to 5 bonus points by improving other groups’ pages. This can be done by cleaning up formatting issues, correcting errors, adding more information/images, (don’t add stuff that has already been used by another group), adding links to websites with related content, etc.
  • If you find any inappropriate material, please report it to Mr. Izzy immediately. If you’re not sure, report it.

Free Response Questions for Test #4:

One of the following questions will be selected at random. It is not enough to answer a question by merely listing facts. You should present a cogent argument based on your critical analysis of the question posed, using appropriate psychological terminology.

  • Nature vs. nurture is one of the overarching themes of psychology. Explain the nature and nurture of the following (be sure to give examples):
  • motivation
  • gender
  • how we see and interpret the world around us

  • Explain how emotions involve physiological changes in the body. Be as specific as possible by naming parts of the brain/nervous system, theories of emotion, etc.

  • You have been named the CEO of an international company. How would you use your amazing psychological knowledge of motivation and emotion to make your business successful?