Units of Study

Here's the directory for all of the Units of Study we will be covering this year. If you have a question about something we're investigating, post it as a new thread on the appropriate page, and I'll answer it. This way everyone can see and learn!

History, Approaches, and Research Methods (Prologue & Ch. 1)

Biological Bases of Behavior (Ch. 2 & 3)

Sensation and Perception (Ch. 5 & 6)

Motivation and Emotion (Ch. 12 & 13)

States of Consciousness (Ch. 7)

Learning (Ch. 8)

Memory, Thinking, and Language (Ch. 9 & 10)

Semester 1 Exam

Social Psychology (Ch. 18)

Personality (Ch. 15)

Abnormal Psychology (Ch. 16)

Testing, Individual Differences, and Stress (Ch. 11 & 14)

Therapy (Ch. 17)

Developmental Psychology (Ch. 4)

Final Exam